How Much do You Know About YouTube?

YouTube is the leader in video sharing platform that connects, informs and entertains you. Launched in 2005, YouTube has 1 billion users, is available in 88 countries and 76 languages. It is the second most popular search engine.  Its platform offers 11 hours of uploading time. If YouTube is not included in your digital strategy, don’t despair, here are some amazing tips on how to use YouTube for your business.

Fin de contrat entre les ÉU et ICANN

Après 47 ans de collaboration, fin de contrat entre le NTIA – National Télécommunication Information Administration des États-Unis et ICANN. ICANN est l’organisme qui gère et règlemente l’attribution des noms de domaine et d’enregistrement sur Internet. Bien que ce transfert est d’une importance historique, cette transition n’aura peu d’impact sur vos activités en ligne.


Numbers at the Digital Era

Writing numbers in the digital era can be a bit tricky. Aside from knowing and recognizing the whole numbers, the ordinal numbers, the cardinal numbers, the odd numbers and the even numbers, here is a helpful refresher on how to write and include numbers in your written projects.

K= thousand = three zeros = 000

M= million = six zeros = 000 000

G= thousand million = nine zeros= 000 000 000

T= thousand billion= 12 zeros = 000 000 000 000