Haitians Crossing Out Help from the American Red Cross

When natural disaster strikes, the relief effort can be as damaging as the disaster itself. Six years after Haïti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, The American Red Cross is in hot water following a NPR/ProPublica article about misused funds of half a billion dollars. That’s 488$M raised by the American Red Cross for the Haitian people.

The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew brought front the allegations about the collected funds not going to the concerned parties. Furthermore, the  investigation found that only six homes were built from the 488$M.

France François, a former local development worker in Haïti wrote on Facebook, how to help Haïti. She is radical about not giving to The Red Cross, but insists on favoring Haitian-led organizations.

In the midst of the crisis, The American Red Cross responded with class, dignity and transparency:

“It would be a shame if myths circulated online by people who want to help Haiti, actually end up hurting relief efforts.” Our President and CEO Gail McGovern addresses misunderstandings around our work in Haiti and why help is more critical than ever in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.