NBA All-Stars Festivities

It’s the NBA All-Stars weekend in New Orleans and hoop fans around the world are ready to invade live as well as social media feeds.  Follow the lead of players with the most followers on Instagram.

  1. LeBron James, @kingjames, 28.1 million
  2. Stephen Curry, @stephencurry30, 14.8 million
  3. Dwyane Wade, @dwyanewade, 8.7 million
  4. Kyrie Irving, @kyrieirving, 8.3 million
  5. Russell Westbrook, @russwest44, 6.5 million
  6. Chris Paul, @cp3, 6.2 million
  7. Carmelo Anthony, @carmeloanthony, 4.8 million
  8. James Harden, @jharden13, 4.6 million
  9. Paul George, @ygtrece, 4.5 million
  10. Klay Thompson, @klaythompson, 3.2 million