The Digital Value of the Haitian Carnival

Is the Carnival period the most prolific season of music production? Within one month, from January to February, inspiring artists delivered 872 pieces available to listen, download and share. This cultural tradition brings people together on the “béton” and on the net. How social is that?

Flanked with the theme “An nou fè Haïti reviv”,  the songs are  divided in eight categories: the Rap kreyol genre leads with 328 songs, followed by the Konpa genre with 136 units. Other categories include, Bandes à pied, Raboday, Racine, Ragga and Kanaval ti moun.

Although the requirements on songs’ acceptance are undefined, the majority of the meringues varies from five minutes to ten minutes. Held officially in Les Cayes, festivities sparked in Port-au-Prince as well as Gonaïves. After three days of music, dance, and auditive hallucination, the winners are Kreyol La and Roody Rood Boy.

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 Credits: Image by Pexels