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What’s in a Name? The Anatomy of Haitian Konpa Bands

Musical bands come and go. Some leave an ever lasting impression , while others vanish as soon as they are formed. Over the years, patterns in name attributions are heavily influenced by language, location and “feeling” of the moment. These appellations are a reflection of a globalized era with a local intention. By embracing change, one should keep in mind this eloquent quote from Richard Edelman: “Each company must become a media company.”

This brief chronological analysis temps to point out some creative names in Konpa music, a rhythm associated to the names of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Wéber Sicot and Gérard Dupervil. Whether strikes of geniuses or memorable misses, there is a connection for everyone. Which names do you mostly identify with? What emotion does it evoke? Are these names of substance or subsistence? Let’s see which bands are flaming conversations with music notes, followers, influencers , and branding.

2010 – 2020

Vayb –  Kaï – Harmonik – X-Tassy – Mass Kompa – Klass -dISIp – Kompa Soul – Créole Mix

2000 – 2010

Nu Look – Konpa Kreyol – Kreyol La – K-Dans – Original H – Gabel

1990 – 2000

CaRiMi – Sweet Micky – Zin -Djakout – Mizik Mizik – Zenglen – Phantoms – TVice

1980 – 1990

Top Vice – Missile 727 –  Gemini All Stars – Bossa Combo

1970 – 1980

Coumbite Créole – D.P. Express – Ensemble Sélect – Skah-Shah  – Tabou Combo – Volo Volo – Frères Déjean – System Band -Magnum Band – Les Shleu-Shleu – Les Gypsies de Pétion-Ville – Scorpio –  Les Ambassadeurs – Les Loups Noirs – Les Difficiles de Pétion-Ville – Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour

1940 – 1970

Orchestre Septentrional – Orchestre Tropicana d’Haïti – Djazz des Jeunes.

Note: This article is written with respect to Intellectual Properties. For clarity and conversations purposes, emphasis is put on names rather than era. Did you you enjoy the article? Share it with a friend or invite Konpa music bloggers to participate by providing content to this platform.

This post is written with the collaboration of guest blogger, Zeto Charles, dad, grand-dad and newly retiree.







Barack Obama à Montréal

L’ancien Président des États-Unis, Barack Obama a livré ses réflexions sur des sujets d’actualité lors d’une allocution d’une trentaine de minutes. Invité par la Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain, le grand orateur s’est ensuite prêté à la période de questions de la patronne de Gaz Métro, Sophie Brochu. Une foule attentive d’environ 6 000 personnes dont des dignitaires, dirigeants d’entreprises et acteurs du secteur économique et politique a chaleureusement accueilli M. Obama.

Cette première visite du conférencier  lève le voile sur  les nouvelles fonctions de l’ancien Président.