Joconde’s Fun Facts

This is the last Joconde’s Fun Facts of 2017.  After more than ten months of production and creating 43 original articles, it has come to this.

We thank all participants who made the series the most popular topics of 2017.  See you in 2018!

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by Wieden+Kennedy, winner of Adweek’s 2017 Global Agency of the Year.

Did you know W+K employs 1 400 people around the globe?


Source: Adweek


A Season of Content

It’s the most wonderful time for content.

Joconde Communications

This holiday season, give your business the gift of content.  To better suit your needs, we operate only on appointment because great content happens by appointment.  We’re closed on December 25, January 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2018.

We thank our clients, collaborators, readers and suppliers for making 2017 a successful year.  Happy Holidays!


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The Words of 2017

Words are a vital part of our daily world, content writers know this too well. Short words, long words, new words, kind words, precise words. We write for others and at times, ourselves. Words we relate, words we abbreviate, words which stir up emotions, words which spice up our conversations, words which move us to action or inaction. Words we Google, words we look up in the dictionary, and sometimes words which leave us speechless. From ‘complicit’ to ‘feminism’ to ‘fake news‘, these are the words of 2017.

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Joconde’s Top 6 of 2017

It’s finally here, Joconde’s hottest topics of the year. The Home page takes center stage with the number one spot, followed by the launch of the “Did you Know?” series. The other five pages of our virtual display beautifully crown Joconde’s Top 6 of 2017. We thank you for making our house of content your favorite home.

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How Much do You Know About YouTube?

Joconde Communications

YouTube is the leader in video sharing platform that connects, informs and entertains you. Launched in 2005, YouTube has 1 billion users, is available in 88 countries and 76 languages. It is the second most popular search engine.  Its platform offers 11 hours of uploading time.  If YouTube is not included in your digital strategy, don’t despair, here are some amazing tips on how to use YouTube for your business.

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