The Future of Communications

Over the years, the task of  locating the provenance of communicators has remained constant. According to the Holmes Report, 56 per cent of communicators lead from North America, 33 per cent from EMEA, nine per cent from Asia-Pacific and a surprising two per cent from Latin America.

Millennials, often referred as the working force, seem to hold the future of communications.

That’s 65 per cent of  the Y generation aged between 35-45 years old, and 31 per cent of the X generation, aged between 18-34 years old.

The study tries to elucidate some pertinent questions in regards to the overall profile of a communications professional. What is the current profile of a communicator? What is the state of communicators around the world? How are communications and public relations advancing?

The study also portrays the future of communications as white, young, well-educated, female, inclusive, collaborative and manageable. While 44 per cent excel in account management and media relations, 21 per cent  ride emerging content. Six per cent create in content creation and analytics while four per cent are found in research and planning. Furthermore, only five per cent are specialised in creative design, while six per cent are focused in digital online engagement. The remaining 35% is unmentioned.

21% Emerging content:

  1. 6% digital online engagement
  2. 6% content creation
  3. 5% creative design
  4. 4% analytics/research/planning

The interesting five-part series  invites to heated debates and sound reflexions on the future of communications.

Credits: Image by Joconde Communications