Tiny Giants: Famous Carnaval Rivalries

Once upon a time, in a tiny island named Hispaniola, the music gods were allowed three days of feast to parade and show off their musical prowess.

Three days of incessant dancing, abundant melodies, appetizing food, contagious laughter and beautiful vivid colors.

Over the years, a carnaval committee was created to orchestrate the yearly lavish event while suggesting a common theme to develop. Year after year, the recurring event grew harder to effectively manage. Despite no formal requirements on songs’s submission, the access to free streaming is a carnaval in itself.

Binge-watch at your own risk.

Although carnaval in Port-au-Prince doesn’t have the same magnitude as the well-known Rio carnaval, diaspora and locals make it a grandiose affair.

Whether self-proclaimed or unanimously acclaimed, the carnaval period has enriched us with some famous battles, and at times, ugly rivalries.

The following bands, actual or defunct are notorious for aggressive competition: Scorpio vs. D.P Express, CaRiMI vs. Konpa Kreyol, TVice vs. Djakout, Sweet Micky vs. Mizik Mizik, Barikad Crew vs. Rockfam, just to name a few.

The carnaval has also enriched us with intelligence. From trending content to themed meringues, to specific colors, to hashtag rally, to video challenges, we all cope with change. Guests appearances, remix versions, flashy product placements and infinite shout-outs, it’s c-a-r-n-a-v-a-l.

This change has eventually alternate the stage of releasing music.

Previously, a meringue will be made available and video would follow days or weeks later. Now, the quest for followers, comments, downloads, shares and reactions extends your brand’s network to multi levels.

Knowing the competition for attention is fierce, why would a group release an audio version and wait to release the video, when you can do both simultaneously?

When you have 0.8 seconds to catch your fan attention, better make a good impression the first time around.

The tiny giants marathon run from February 11-13 in various cities of the Pearl of the Antilles.

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