World Radio Day

Every year since 1946, UNESCO celebrates radio as a powerful communication tool.

Radios are everywhere, with at least 75 per cent of households in developing countries having access to a radio.ยน

Since sound stimuli is the first to be perceived by the brain, at 0.146 seconds, then touch at 0.149, then sight at 0.189, this year’s theme is important because it touches vital elements related to the world of sports and radio.

As one of the strategic partner of the communications industry, this medium is accessible, likeable and less costly in terms of advertisement buying. Public, private, syndicated, satellite, are all funnels to convey your client’s message to the desired audience.

On February 13, Sports and Radio is at the center of various discussions by  putting forth the evident misrepresentation of women in sports broadcasting or stories about female in sports.

Considering each industry faces its own challenges, broadcasting is no different.

For the occasion, UNESCO created an inspiring series of eight radio spots titled: “Her Moments Matter.” The free of rights package is available to listen, download and share.  Using the voices of a woman and a man, the offensive tempts to express the views of men and women on sporting competition.

In addition, The World Radio organization reports: “Only four per cent of sports stories are primarily focus on women.”  The report continues with the alarming data by stating: “Women represent seven per cent of sportspeople seen, read or heard about in the media.

What is also alarming is a surprising one billion people who still do not have access to radio, today. But, that’s for another topic.

1- Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2012, p.248


 Source: UNESCO