Compas Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary

How did a regular fun gathering turns to be one of the biggest event in the Haitian community?  In a nutshell, that’s the history of Compas Festival.

The concept is really simple. Emerging locals and well established artists perform outdoors in beautiful, Miami. At first glance, it’s a winning combination, but not all winning combination lasts 20 years.

Whether planned or unplanned marketing coup de grace, the event draws an average of 25 000 visitors. The show itself lasts from six to eight hours with a minimum of 15 acts, intertwined with intermissions, brusque mixes, disappearing acts, special addresses, and at times, long tirades.

Presented once a year for the past 20 years at different locations, the selected date usually coincides with the Haitian flag day commemoration. Since countries are also brands, marketing the event becomes a breeze as statistics about the steady growing numbers of Haitians in Florida continue to increase.  A recent study ranks Haitians as the second largest Caribbean groups in the land of Uncle Sam with a 47% heavy concentration in the Sunshine state.

Following the success of Compas Festival, a flood of festivals will ensue. Various cities will present festivals geared towards the Haitian and Caribbean communities. If you’re looking to register your clients, sponsor the event or expand your writing abilities, it’s a new Mecca.

Although this edition celebrates a milestone, the big bosses made the announcement with no bells and whistles. A combined social capital of 9.7K fans on the blue giant universe stamps the event with a respectable macro status.

From press conferences to kick-off parties, can you think of a specific campaign?  Are you still thinking?

Amid financial crisis, no official website, countless complaints and numerous praises, people still attend. Equipped with a budget between $800 000-1M, one of the organizers, M. Noël, admits having difficulty to raise 10% from sponsors.

How much does it really cost to produce the show? Why are sponsors shying away? And, what portion is dedicated to communications and marketing?

Despite troubling waters, a tsunami of events will explode from May 19-20.

Happy 20th, Compas Festival!

This content is not sponsored by the organizers of the event.


 Credits: Image by Pexels