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Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by social media influencers, one way to invest in the promotion of your business.

Did you know there are different kind of  influencers? From micro-influencers (5-10K followers), macro-influencers (100K-500K followers), mega-influencers (1M +followers), and celebrities (7M + followers), many companies partner with influencers depending on the type of campaign being conducted. The price of partnering with an influencer could cost from $50 – $300 for one single post. Platform, brand notoriety, quality of content, engagement and industry are variant to consider. This infographic from Aspire IQ simplifies the cost of working with a social media influencer.

Clear as mud?

Sources: Aspire IQ, Social Media Today



Joconde’s Fun Facts

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by The Holiday Season, the biggest shopping experience of the year.

Did you know the holiday season will be increasingly driven by mobile commerce? Mcommerce is expected to jump 32.6 per cent and will account for 44 per cent of holiday ecommerce spending. Whether buying online or in-stores, shoppers are using their phones to search and buy. Is mobile at the core of your holiday shopping strategy?


Sources: Pinterest, Think with Google

Joconde’s Fun Facts

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by ghostwriting, one of the useful techniques to implement in your 2019 content strategy.

Did you know outsourcing your content for special projects can be a valuable way to increase engagement? Since not all of us are content writers, it’s only natural to collaborate with skilled writers to produce compelling content. According to Social Media Today, this trend along with disclosure of sponsored content, will be prevalent in 2019. How do you plan on diversifying your content in 2019?

Annuaire des relationnistes

Three years after the initial project was launched, we’re re-publishing the article, because The Annuaire des relationnistes is an ongoing project. We thank all communicators who have expressed an interest in joining us. Let’s hear it for publicists.

This article was originally published on July 2015.

Joconde Communications

Un annuaire regroupant les relationnistes d’origine haïtienne ayant une agence enregistrée à Montréal, Canada doit être publié dans les prochains mois.

Un appel est lancé afin de connaître votre intention à participer à cet édifiant projet. La liste des critères est comme suit:

-Firme/Agence de 5 ans +;
-Diplôme à l’appui ou 5 ans d’expérience à titre de relationniste;
-Frais annuels pour réserver une place dans l’annuaire;
-Nom de l’entreprise;
-Services offerts;
-Spécialité de l’agence;

La date de publication prévue est décembre 2015.

Le but de l’exercice est d’évaluer l’évolution de la profession et d’échanger les ressources afin de célébrer les talents.

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The Words of 2018

The reputable selects “single-use” as Word of the Year 2018. Since we are in the business of transforming words into action, it is only appropriate to present the words which spark interest in 2018. explains its selection on a note from its blog.

The famous word can be search with the following: #CollinsWOTY2018

From VAR, plogging, floss and gammon, single-use made the cut because of its widespread in news, politics, business and society. Have you used single-use in your conversations?










Joconde’s Fun Facts

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by Pinterest, the world’s shopping inspiration.

Did you know Pinterest has 250 million monthly users and according to The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Pinterest is among the top social platform to excel at navigation, mobile, site performance and customer satisfaction? Is Pinterest included in your content strategy?

Source: ACSI

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