The Search for Haitian YouTubers

In light of celebrating YouTube’s 15th anniversary, we’re looking for 15 Haitian YouTubers with 100+K subscribers. As per YouTube standards, to be considered a popular channel, you need 250K subscribers and since we couldn’t find any, we’re putting the word out in the universe.

Yes people, the leader in video sharing platforms is turning 15 in February 2020. Excited? You definitely should be. After all, videos will represent 82 percent of the Internet traffic by 2022.

Videos are also great tools for sharing black narratives with the world.

With the undeniable growth of influencer marketing, thousands of companies invest in working with influencers to create, to promote, to share ideas about their products and services.

Why should you care? YouTube is also the top platform for earning. Eight year-old, Ryan Kaji, the highest-paid YouTuber redefines the concept of talent.

Ready, set, send.

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What’s in a Name? The Anatomy of Haitian Konpa Bands

Since its appearance in the mid-1950s, Konpa music evolved to become the most popular music form of Haïti. Various kinds of content are created to keep the culture current and alive. Lyrical songs, instrumental pieces, videos, bals, private events, festivals, and music groups shape our community to celebrate the simplicity and complexity of Konpa music.
What kind of content have you supplied to the Konpa music industry?

This article originally published in June 2017.

Joconde Communications

Musical bands come and go. Some leave an ever lasting impression , while others vanish as soon as they are formed. Over the years, patterns in name attributions are heavily influenced by language, location and “feeling” of the moment. These appellations are a reflection of a globalized era with a local intention. By embracing change, one should keep in mind this eloquent quote from Richard Edelman: “Each company must become a media company.”

This brief chronological analysis temps to point out some creative names in Konpa music, a rhythm associated to the names of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Wéber Sicot and Gérard Dupervil. Whether strikes of geniuses or memorable misses, there is a connection for everyone. Which names do you mostly identify with? What emotion does it evoke? Are these names of substance orsubsistence? Let’s see which bands are flaming conversations with music notes,followers, influencers and branding.

2010 – 2020

Vayb –…

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