A Winter of Content

We’re putting a fresh face to our blog.

A lot has happened since we published our first welcoming post in 2014. How many of you remember?

Many have witnessed the change in our content calendar. We started by publishing a motivational quote every Monday.

Then, based on our data, we added industry insights to align with our purpose of essential communications.

Frequently, to the best of our ability, we offer thought leadership on resources available to communicators.

Our digital imprints is full of resources that promote our passion of communications and the importance of ownership of Black communications agencies.

Various articles depict the opportunities and challenges the profession offers.

Zoom meetings, new clients, paused campaigns, new collaborators, new posts, new milestones, the past three months has given us a new attitude.

We’re reviewing how to tell our own story, not just our clients.

As we communicate forward, we thank you for trusting us with your projects.

Credits : Image by Pexels