The Business of Laughing Out Loud

Entertainment plays a big part in Haitian culture.

As all cultural, sporting events, and festivals are postponed or cancelled, many of us are looking ahead by embracing nostalgia to live through this historic situation.

2.6 million. That’s the number of articles written about the Coronavirus, according to Muck Rack, a media database software.

Since half of the world’s population has practically been living online and under strict recommendations to stay home and work from home, the past six weeks has been difficult.

On this piece, we’ll focus our efforts on comedy, more specifically the digital aspect of comedy in the Haitian community.

Whether you’re into stand-up, parodies, light humor, dark humor, or sketches, you’ll find something to your liking.

Junior Success, Papa Jean, Sé Joe, Tonton Bicha have all made a name in the business of telling jokes.

Before reading any further, we would like to say that none of these comedians are our clients.

Now, on to our story.

Some materials are kid friendly, others, not so much. That’s the case for Sé Joe.

Sé Joe’s videos are short and spicy. Presented under one minutes, he introduces himself, tells a joke, and walks out.

Joke of the day: Short and spicy!

Then, we have Tonton Bicha.

Tonton Bicha’s character is well loved by many. He dabbles with on stage delivery and video performances. His sketches are somewhat longer and some feel like public service announcement.

Since he makes a lot of tv commercials, crossing the line between his comedic act or paid announcements is a bit blurry.

Surprisingly, as the most notorious act, Tonton Bicha’s Facebook community only rallies 21 307 likes and 25 421 followers.

As for Junior Success, he has a strong online presence. He excels at parodies and daily relatable situations with his mom. He plays solo and have guests appearances, at times. The majority of his videos falls under five minutes.

His Facebook community unites 49 743 likes and 84 773 followers.

When it comes to Papa Jean, his videos portray comical situations of growing up in an Haitian household. The scene about using good dishes for special occasions is a classic reference.

Papa Jean’s Facebook community gathers 67 962 likes and 77 370 followers.

Named comedian of the year in 2018 by Ticket magazine, Atys Panch releases short videos of funny nothingness. A smile turns into a grim, a chuckle, a good laugh.

His Facebook community totals 236K likes.

The Haitian laughing stock is fresh, young, valuable, funny, and predominantly male.

Where are the female comedians?

Did you have a good laugh reading this article? Do you know any comedians from the Haitian community who would love to create or establish their online presence? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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