National Fragrance Day

How strong is your sense of smell? Put your olfactory senses to the test on this National Fragrance Day.

If you have clients in the fragrance community, this occasion offers the opportunity to connect or reconnect with writers, editors, or bloggers who cover the world of fragrances.

It also offers the opportunity to enter your clients’ product for prestigious awards like the Art and Olfaction Awards or the Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Fragrances are not limited to perfumes. A wide range of products falls under this category. Think candles, essential oils, soaps, diffusers, etc.

Did you know it costs between $8, 000 to $10, 000 to create your own perfume? That’s a good potential for an additional revenue stream and brand extension.

In 2018, the global perfume market size was valued at USD $31.4 billion.

National Fragrance Day is celebrated on March 21.

Source: Alpha Aromatics