20 Books by Haitian Authors That You Should Read This Year

In honour of National Book Day, we’re suggesting the following 20 books by Haitian authors. Although these books are not about the public relations industry, however a publicist or a team of publicists was probably involved in bringing media attention to these books.

What’s your favourite Haitian author?

What book or books have you read from an Haitian author?

By Rachelle Saint Louis January 1st, 1804 marked the birth of the first Black republic and only successful slave revolt. This new year I’ll be …

20 Books by Haitian Authors That You Should Read This New Year

National Volunteer Week Special Offer

During National Volunteer Week, from April 18 – 25, we’re offering a 10% rebate on communications plans to non-profit organizations. Invest in the value of one, the power of many from the comfort of your home.

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This initiative is to share the love and impact on National Volunteer Week.

A Spring of Content

The second quarter has a way of sneaking up on you.

Next thing you know it’s time to prepare for Q3 and Q4.

As we spring into summer, we’re taking this transition moment to thank our clients, readers, followers, subscribers, visitors, and suppliers for a healthy Q1.

In case you missed our previous Story post, we’re getting ready to celebrate 10 years of Joconde Communications on Monday, July 18. So, save the date, and follow our website to know about the details of the event.

That’s what good, beautiful people!

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