Social Media Day

It’s the second time we write about Social Media Day.

At first, we were a bit hesitant about the title.

When you have recurring dates that are part of your content calendar, finding appropriate title is somewhat of a challenge.

We wouldn’t want to confuse our readers nor the algorithms.

So, according to National Day Calendar and Forekast, June 30 takes the crown as Social Media Day.

These two public relations tools help you keep in touch with upcoming trending events and releases in many industries.

High five to Forekast and National Day Calendar!

Since social media management is part of our offerings, it’s only natural that we dedicate a post to this topic.

Creating and developing different types of campaigns require a lot of planning and testing.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a business without an online presence.

The team at Statista, an online portal specializing in market research and consumer data, finds that 91.9 per cent of businesses use social media for marketing purposes.

If sharing your business story with compelling content is important to you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Cheers to Social Media Day!

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