Welcoming The Third Quarter

We’re entering the third quarter by revamping some of our older posts, replacing broken links, retiring unrelated posts, repurposing some of our articles.

Our blogging journey is teaching us the kind of articles that work and which do not.

We no longer wait on WordPress to generate our yearly report. With the help of data, we aim to analyze our goals more frequently, after all, our website is self-hosted, so we would like to know our followers better and improve our WordPress experience.

Speaking of WordPress yearly report, how many of you still receive yours?

So far, in chapter 6/12, Black Female Communicators in 2020 and Beyond continues to be our leading post.

We have a total of 69 posts with an average of 52 words per post.

15 per cent of our views occur on Mondays.

Our supportive audience of 30 followers represents the number of basketball teams in the NBA.

Group of 13 people before COVID-19

The first six months of 2021 garnered 90 likes and we’ve written a total of 3 571 words.

The Contact page remains our most visited page.

This blog post takes the spot of “The Longest Post of the Year”, so far, with 354 words.

While we continue to counsel our clients, our immediate goal is to better engage with our WordPress community without neglecting our other channels.

Testing and adapting to an ever-changing media landscape is a big part of our work, therefore our content calendar contains a variety of topics related to integrated communications.

Our digital imprint is a testimony of our passion of communications, and we hope you see the progress of our content calendar.

To conclude, we think the best part about ending is the new beginning that follows. That’s why we take this moment to thank our clients, readers, followers, subscribers, visitors, and suppliers for a healthy Q2.

We also welcome our new followers, readers, subscribers, and visitors.

Giving a big welcome to the third quarter.

Oh, before you go, your readership help us grow, remember to tap on the ‘Follow’ button at the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen.