Helpful Public Relations Podcasts

You are what you listen to!

Are you familiar with the concept of podcasts? Are you looking for informative podcasts about communications and public relations? If so, this post is for you.

Whether delivered weekly, monthly, or quarterly, each of these audio content amplifies the voice of the PR community.

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In no particular order of preference, here are ten public relations podcasts to discover or rediscover:

• Spin Sucks Podcast

• SheQuality Podcast

• PR Moment Podcast

• PR Maven Podcast

• Provoke Media Podcast

• Inside PR Podcast

• On Top of PR Podcast

• PR Week Podcast

• PR Playbook Podcast

Did your favourite public relations podcast make it to the list? Among the two million podcasts, do you have a public relations podcast that you would like to recommend? Please do so in the comments.