Black Business Month

We’re celebrating Black Business Month by sharing the spotlight with Black-owned communications agencies in the Greater Montreal area.

This post invites you to share the name of your favourite Black-owned communications agencies during the month of August.

According to the Census bureau, there are only two million Black-owned businesses in the U. S.

New York, Georgia, Florida, and Texas are the states with the most Black-owned businesses.

As stated in the image: “The 40 million melanated Americans spend $1.1 trillion a year. If we spend 1/3 of this on each other, we’d all be millionaires in two years.”

How do you plan to get involved during Black Business Month?

Cheers to a lucrative Black Business Month!

Black to business!

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    1. It’s the fourth week of Black Business Month. Did you shop from a Black-owned business today? Did you follow a Black-owned business page today? Did you like comment or share a Black-owned business page today? Share your Black-owned business handle in the comments.


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