Instagram Latest Updates

Instagram community boasts with confidence by sharing 800 million photos and videos per day. The Facebook owned company recently made some changes to its popular features.

Instagram is one of our favourite platform to market research, plus it’s easy to use and you get to see the number of posts you’ve created.

Here are Instagram latest updates:

•Removal of Swipe up feature;

•60 seconds Reels;

•Explore page new style;

•New feature in direct messaging;

•Translation options in videos.

Did we miss any?

Which one of these features do you plan on experimenting with?

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Hashtag Anniversary

We couldn’t pass on the occasion to highlight the anniversary of the hashtag.

Yes, the hashtag! A symbol that has become part of our work. Who would have thought the hashtag would help us classify and group content by sparkling social movements and global conversations?

From knowing where to place hashtags for better optimization to creating trending content, the hashtag is one of the most famous symbol of our time.

Created on August 23, 2007 and known for first being used on Twitter, the hashtag turned ten in 2017. We created a post to honour the occasion.

Happy 14th, hashtag!


A HipHop Celebration

This infographic details the use of music genres on TikTok. You can clearly see that rap/hip hop takes the biggest share of the pie chart.

Part of TikTok 2020 year review.

Music genres on TikTok

Interested in implementing TikTok in your digital strategies, this post might come in handy.

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Fashion Fair Cosmetics

The iconic makeup brand, Fashion Fair, is relaunching this September exclusively at Sephora.

Fashion Fair is coming prepared with new packaging, 72 new products, and actor Kiki Layne as brand ambassador.

Take a peak at Fashion Fair pricing and list of products:

14 shades of Iconic Lipstick ($26); 16 shades of SkinFlex Stick Foundation ($37); 14 shades of Crème to Powder Skin Foundation ($37); Fabulous Priming Serum ($37); six shades of Set it Loose Powder and 12 shades of Iconic Pressed Powder ($34).

Watch out for many PR unboxing in your respective feed.

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Source: Fashionista

Booking Appointment on Facebook

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Our list of services include:

  • Content writing
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How many of you use the booking appointment feature on Facebook?

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Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories. It might be your next ticket to finding the internship of your dreams, writing your next communications plan or getting asked to speak at the biggest event in your industry.

Do you use LinkedIn in your marketing strategies? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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YouTube Community Tab

Recently, YouTube made some changes to its platform. One of those changes is having access to a Community tab when you reach 1 000 subscribers.

We’ve been networking and participating on many channels with a community tab by either leaving a comment, liking a post or sharing the content.

This is a great alternative for those who don’t upload daily videos, but post regularly in order to keep in contact with their audience.

Do you use your YouTube community tab to engage with your audience and to grow your channel?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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YouTube Shorts Are Here!

YouTube Shorts are the latest short-form video content craze that lets you upload one-minute videos. Have you tried them yet ?

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