7th Global Reggae Conference

The Global Reggae Conference is in its staging state. Participate now by submitting your presentations and displays. More details, below! 👇🏾

The Institute of Caribbean Studies has just shared a call for papers for the 7th Global Reggae Conference to be held February 16-19, 2022, at the …

CFP: 7th Global Reggae Conference

Clubhouse New Spotlight

Every now and then, Clubhouse features a new logo on their app.

Recently it was Dandara Pangu, now it’s Justin”Meezy” Williams.

Williams hosts the club Meez-o- estates on Clubhouse, where he talks about fun, business, music and life.

Flash your mics to welcome Meezy!

Now that invitations are no longer required, anyone can join the audio app.

At the moment, these are our favourite clubs:

Are you using your voice on Clubhouse to drive business? If so, share your username in order to connect.

Source: Clubhouse