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Black Female Communicators in 2020 and Beyond

Join us in honoring the beautiful, talented black women, trailblazers, pioneers and mavens of communications.

Marching with the communicators, innovators, strategists and publicists.

Cheers to the Ines Kaiser, Barbara Proctor, and Lauren Wilson of the communications industry.

black female advertising agency owner
Barbara Proctor, advertising agency owner

Source: Museum of Public Relations

Celebrating Nine Years of World Radio Day

Have you ever heard of World Radio Day? It’s a day created to celebrate radio as a powerful communication tool.

Celebrated annually on February 13, various themes are suggested to broadcasters to reflect on the challenges and evolution of radio as a medium.

The theme of this year is: Radio and diversity. 

A strategic partner of the communications industry, radio may help you connect to a specific audience, depending on the offensive of your campaign.

Local, regional, or national, the 962 radio stations in Canada has got you covered.


If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business, there are over 15 500 operating radio stations in the U.S. and around 40 000 in the world.

Radio and diversity are common ground at Joconde Communications. We’ve partnered with various outlets to either promote our clients’ services or our own.

Representation adds value to communities especially when the radio stations are owned, managed, and governed by black people.

Many famous people started in radio. Are you familiar with the name Oprah Winfrey? The media mogul started her career in radio at WVOL, in Nashville, Tennessee, before making the switch to television.

We invite you to join the conversation on social media with the following hashtags: #WRD2020, #WeAreDiversity, #WeAreRadio.

Explore our version of past themes of World Radio Day.

2019 — Radio, dialogue, tolerance and peace

2018 — Radio and sports 

2017 — Radio is You 

2016 — Radio in times of emergency and disaster

2015 — Radio & Youth  

2014 — Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio  

2013 –N/A

2012 — Adoption of World Radio Day

2011 — Proclamation of World Radio Day 

Sources: UNESCO, Statista



Joconde Communications 2019 Review

The end of the year is soon approaching and with it the end of a decade. As we stroll down memory lane to welcome a new decade, let us take this special moment to thank our clients, suppliers, readers, and collaborators for a challenging year. We thank you for making our house of content your favourite home.

These are the defining moments:

  • 2010 — Launch of Joconde Communications’s website
  • 2014 — Launch of Joconde Communications’s blog

On this blog, we share valuable content on media relations, corporate communication, public affairs, social media, and netiquette.

  • 2017— Launch of Joconde’s Fun Facts series

For two years, every Thursday, we presented and reflected on the ongoing challenges of the communications universe.

  • 2017 — Celebrate 1 year of Joconde’s Fun Facts series
  • 2018 — End of Joconde’s Fun Facts series
  • 2019 — We reach a new milestone with +500 articles.

Through these years, we put forth, to the best of our ability, the many accomplishments of black women in the communications and public relations industry, here and abroad.

We thrive for inclusion and diversity of women of colour in leadership positions. Since only 30 percent of women hold CEO positions, the percentage of women of colour in leadership positions is even lower. And that’s valid for the well-known big holdings as well as the independent firms.

As the year 2020 loads in, we look forward a year full of abundant opportunities. 

Credits: Image by Pexels

The Words of 2019

Two reputable references, Collinsdictionary.com and Dictionary.com announced their words choices of the year.

As communicators, we try to bring a different angle to our work by presenting trending words in an ever evolving world.

First, Collinsdictionary.com explains its selection on a note from its blog.

The famous word can be searched with the following hashtag: #CollinsWOTY2019

‘Climate strike’ stands out among nine modern words from Collins Dictionary’s runway. The shortlist includes: Bopo, cancel, influencer, rewilding, deepfake, non binary, double down, hope punk and entryist.

Second, Dictionary.com chooses ‘existential’ as Word of the Year 2019. Below is the definition of ‘existential’.


1. of or relating to existence.

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of philosophical existentialism; concerned with the nature of human existence as determined by the individual’s freely made choices.

Do you agree with the selection? Have you used any of these words in your conversations?

Discover past choices of Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary from 2010-2019.