The Business of Laughing Out Loud

Entertainment plays a big part in Haitian culture.

As all cultural, sporting events, and festivals are postponed or cancelled, many of us are looking ahead by embracing nostalgia to live through this historic situation.

2.6 million. That’s the number of articles written about the Coronavirus, according to Muck Rack, a media database software.

Since half of the world’s population has practically been living online and under strict recommendations to stay home and work from home, the past six weeks has been difficult.

On this piece, we’ll focus our efforts on comedy, more specifically the digital aspect of comedy in the Haitian community.

Whether you’re into stand-up, parodies, light humor, dark humor, or sketches, you’ll find something to your liking.

Junior Success, Papa Jean, Sé Joe, Tonton Bicha have all made a name in the business of telling jokes.

Before reading any further, we would like to say that none of these comedians are our clients.

Now, on to our story.

Some materials are kid friendly, others, not so much. That’s the case for Sé Joe.

Sé Joe’s videos are short and spicy. Presented under one minutes, he introduces himself, tells a joke, and walks out.

Joke of the day: Short and spicy!

Then, we have Tonton Bicha.

Tonton Bicha’s character is well loved by many. He dabbles with on stage delivery and video performances. His sketches are somewhat longer and some feel like public service announcement.

Since he makes a lot of tv commercials, crossing the line between his comedic act or paid announcements is a bit blurry.

Surprisingly, as the most notorious act, Tonton Bicha’s Facebook community only rallies 21 307 likes and 25 421 followers.

As for Junior Success, he has a strong online presence. He excels at parodies and daily relatable situations with his mom. He plays solo and have guests appearances, at times. The majority of his videos falls under five minutes.

His Facebook community unites 49 743 likes and 84 773 followers.

When it comes to Papa Jean, his videos portray comical situations of growing up in an Haitian household. The scene about using good dishes for special occasions is a classic reference.

Papa Jean’s Facebook community gathers 67 962 likes and 77 370 followers.

Named comedian of the year in 2018 by Ticket magazine, Atys Panch releases short videos of funny nothingness. A smile turns into a grim, a chuckle, a good laugh.

His Facebook community totals 236K likes.

The Haitian laughing stock is fresh, young, valuable, funny, and predominantly male.

Where are the female comedians?

Did you have a good laugh reading this article? Do you know any comedians from the Haitian community who would love to create or establish their online presence? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Joconde Communications 2019 Review

The end of the year is soon approaching and with it the end of a decade. As we stroll down memory lane to welcome a new decade, let us take this special moment to thank our clients, suppliers, readers, and collaborators for a challenging year. We thank you for making our house of content your favourite home.

These are the defining moments:

2010 — Launch of Joconde Communications’s website

2014 — Launch of Joconde Communications’s blog

2017— Launch of Joconde’s Fun Facts series

2018 — End of Joconde’s Fun Facts series

2019 — We reach a new milestone with +500 articles.

Through these years, we put forth, to the best of our ability, the many accomplishments of Black women in the communications and public relations industry, here and abroad.

We thrive for inclusion and diversity of women of colour in leadership positions. Since only 30 percent of women hold CEO positions, the percentage of women of colour in leadership positions is even lower. And that’s valid for the well-known big holdings as well as the independent firms.

As the year 2020 loads in, we look forward a year full of abundant opportunities.

The Words of 2019

Two reputable references, and announced their words choices of the year.

As communicators, we try to bring a different angle to our work by presenting trending words in an ever evolving world.

First, explains its selection on a note from its blog.

The famous word can be searched with the following hashtag: #CollinsWOTY2019

‘Climate strike’ stands out among nine modern words from Collins Dictionary’s runway. The shortlist includes: Bopo, cancel, influencer, rewilding, deepfake, non binary, double down, hope punk and entryist.

Second, chooses ‘existential’ as Word of the Year 2019. Below is the definition of ‘existential’.


1. of or relating to existence.

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of philosophical existentialism; concerned with the nature of human existence as determined by the individual’s freely made choices.

Do you agree with the selection? Have you used any of these words in your conversations?

Discover past choices of Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary from 2010-2019.

The Search for Haitian YouTubers

In light of celebrating YouTube’s 15th anniversary, we’re looking for 15 Haitian YouTubers with 100+K subscribers. As per YouTube standards, to be considered a popular channel, you need 250K subscribers and since we couldn’t find any, we’re putting the word out in the universe.

Yes people, the leader in video sharing platforms is turning 15 in February 2020. Excited? You definitely should be. After all, videos will represent 82 percent of the Internet traffic by 2022.

Videos are also great tools for sharing black narratives with the world.

With the undeniable growth of influencer marketing, thousands of companies invest in working with influencers to create, to promote, to share ideas about their products and services.

Why should you care? YouTube is also the top platform for earning. Eight year-old, Ryan Kaji, the highest-paid YouTuber redefines the concept of talent.

Ready, set, send.

If you’d like to be featured in the article, we’d love to read from you. Pen a note or a memo to by October 31st, 17:00 p.m.

Before you go, your readership help us grow, remember to tap on the ‘Follow’ button at the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen.

To discover or rediscover past articles, our Archives section is full of hidden gems.

Sources: Cisco, eMarketer, Forbes, YouTube

Image: Credits by Pexels




What’s in a Name? The Anatomy of Haitian Konpa Bands

Since its appearance in the mid-1950s, Konpa music evolved to become the most popular music form of Haïti. Various kinds of content are created to keep the culture current and alive. Lyrical songs, instrumental pieces, videos, bals, private events, festivals, and music groups shape our community to celebrate the simplicity and complexity of Konpa music.
What kind of content have you supplied to the Konpa music industry?

This article originally published in June 2017.

Joconde Communications

Musical bands come and go. Some leave an ever lasting impression , while others vanish as soon as they are formed. Over the years, patterns in name attributions are heavily influenced by language, location and “feeling” of the moment. These appellations are a reflection of a globalized era with a local intention. By embracing change, one should keep in mind this eloquent quote from Richard Edelman: “Each company must become a media company.”

This brief chronological analysis temps to point out some creative names in Konpa music, a rhythm associated to the names of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Wéber Sicot and Gérard Dupervil. Whether strikes of geniuses or memorable misses, there is a connection for everyone. Which names do you mostly identify with? What emotion does it evoke? Are these names of substance orsubsistence? Let’s see which bands are flaming conversations with music notes,followers, influencers and branding.

2010 – 2020

Vayb –…

View original post 209 more words

Pantone 2019 Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute™ claims Living Coral as Color of the Year 2019.

For 20 years, Pantone® unveils selected tones that will shape purchasing decisions in multiple industries. Communications, fashion, entertainment, sports, you name it!

Color communication plays a crucial part in brand identity as it helps to increase brand recognition by 80%. How do you plan on implementing color strategy in your business?

Source: Pantone


The Words of 2018

The reputable selects “single-use” as Word of the Year 2018. Since we are in the business of transforming words into action, it is only appropriate to present the words which spark interest in 2018. explains its selection on a note from its blog.

The famous word can be search with the following: #CollinsWOTY2018

From VAR, plogging, floss and gammon, single-use made the cut because of its widespread in news, politics, business and society. Have you used single-use in your conversations?










Journée du livre haïtien

Depuis onze ans, le Centre N A Rivé présente la Journée du livre haïtien aux amis de la culture et de la littérature haïtienne.

Une journée pour découvrir des livres. Des tonnes de livres. Des livres pour tous les goûts et tous les budgets. Des livres de fiction, des biographies, des contes, des romans, des livres d’histoire et de littérature.

Et la tradition continue ce 18 août.

Cette année, le thème Femmes et histoire ouvre un interminable chapitre sur la présence des femmes d’hier à aujourd’hui. Des choucounes, des marabouts, des négresses, des folles, des personnages emblématiques de l’histoire de la première république noire.

Installées en forme de “u”, une montagne de livres orne des longues tables qui habillent l’espace du Centre N A Rive. Sans trop attendre, il est possible de rencontrer les auteures et d’obtenir un autographe lors de son achat. Sympatique, n’est-ce pas?

Faute d’aire d’assise, les visiteurs entrent, sortent, s’arrêtent, se faufilent et  regardent. Sur fond de bruit créatif, des écrivaines révèlent leur plus récente publication.

Malgré une carence en livres numériques, les livres imprimés pullulent.

Sans adresse numérique, l’évènement festif récolte quand même 564 mentions “J’aime” dans l’univers de Zuckerberg.

Une fois l’an, cette journée spéciale dédiée aux livres haïtiens offre la possibilité de rencontrer, de retrouver et découvrir des rédactrices, des stratèges, des éditrices, des relationnistes, bref, des artisanes du monde de la communication.

Si vous cherchez à commanditer, inscrire vos clients ou collaborer à la planification de cet évènement ensoleillé, nous vous suggérons d’ajouter la journée du livre haïtien à vos carnets d’adresse.

Ce contenu n’est pas sponsorisé.


Credits: Image by Pexels

Salon de la Franchise

Les grands noms de la franchise vous donnent rendez-vous au Salon de la franchise, les 14 et 15 avril au Palais des Congrès. Si vous hésitez entre le modèle d’affaires d’un start-up ou le modèle d’affaires d’une entreprise déjà établie, une visite au salon de la franchise vous aidera, peut-être, à faire le bon choix.

Selon le réputé, qui publie depuis 34 ans le bilan des franchises les plus profitables, l’arche dorée mène le bal comme franchise la plus populaire. De l’investissement initial aux frais de royautés, les franchisées et les franchisés sont encadrés.

Deux fois l’an, 25 000 visiteurs explorent les options de franchise des marchés nord-américain et outre-mer. Les domaines de la restauration, de l’éducation, de l’immobilier, des biens de consommation, etc., offrent des occasions pour inscrire vos clients, commanditer l’évènement ou créer de nouvelles relations d’affaires car la franchise en affaires est un produit des plus en demande.

Ce contenu n’est pas commandité par les organisateurs de l’évènement.


Salon Visez Droit

Le Salon Visez Droit reprend de plus belle pour vous présenter sa 21e édition du lundi 9 au jeudi 12 avril. Le thème Votre voix dans la balance, propose un registre d’une centaine de consultations au Complexe Desjardins.

Conférencier, avocat médiateur, concours et grands débats  pour répondre aux questions juridiques reliées à la structure de votre agence de communication.

L’évenement est gratuit.

Ce contenu n’est pas commandité par les organisateurs de l’évènement.