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[Citation] “Google only loves you when every one else loves you first.”


The Words of 2018

The reputable selects “single-use” as Word of the Year 2018. Since we are in the business of transforming words into action, it is only appropriate to present the words which spark interest in 2018. explains its selection on a note from its blog.

The famous word can be search with the following: #CollinsWOTY2018

From VAR, plogging, floss and gammon, single-use made the cut because of its widespread in news, politics, business and society. Have you used single-use in your conversations?










Joconde’s Fun Facts

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by Pinterest, the world’s shopping inspiration.

Did you know Pinterest has 250 million monthly users and according to The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Pinterest is among the top social platform to excel at navigation, mobile, site performance and customer satisfaction? Is Pinterest included in your content strategy?

Source: ACSI

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Joconde’s Fun Facts

Today’s “Did you know?” is brought to you by “A Statement From the Road“, the very first press release written by Ivy Lee.

Did you know publicists are celebrated annually on October 30? Although we continually put forth the opportunities and challenges the profession offers, this special day is designed to bring awareness about the work of publicists. What special way will you celebrate publicists this year?

Source: National Day Calendar