Festivals Galore

The world of festivals has been particularly affected by the Coronavirus. Many businesses in this sector has shifted their plans to adopt a temporary virtual model, while many are thinking of adopting a permanent one.
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Do you miss attending physical festivals?

What is the name of the first festival you attended?

Joconde Communications

Long associated with summertime, festivals are now a hot commodity all year around. From food to music, to beer to wine, to comics to hair, to comedy to lighting, to film to gaming, festival goers have a handful to experience. How do you decide which festival to support? Is it a planned or an impulsive decision? Do you rely on influencers, location, notoriety or price?

If you nodded to all these questions, you are probably a festival goer. As content hunters, we try to expose the many angles of content curation.

  • From a customer standpoint:

Festival goers are good brand ambassadors. In real-time, customers will snap a photo or a short video while having a good time and share the moment with family and friends. This gives mobility, physical and mobile access to your event.

  • From an organizer standpoint:

Festivalsbring people together while creating opportunities. Festivals touch many aspects of…

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Fly with the Press

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Fly with the Press

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Celebrating Nine Years of World Radio Day

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Joconde Communications

Have you ever heard of World Radio Day? It’s a day created to celebrate radio as a powerful communication tool.

Celebrated annually on February 13, various themes are suggested to broadcasters to reflect on the challenges and evolution of radio as a medium.

The theme of this year is: Radio and diversity.

A strategic partner of the communications industry, radio may help you connect to a specific audience, depending on the offensive of your campaign. Local, regional, or national, the 962 radio stations in Canada has got you covered.Microphone

If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business, there are over 15 500 operating radio stations in the U.S. and around 40 000 in the world. Radio and diversity are common ground at Joconde Communications. We’ve partnered with various outlets to either promote our clients’ services or our own. Representation adds value to communities especially when the radio stations…

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