Blogging Anniversary Weekend

Hip Hip Hooray!

It’s our blogging anniversary on WordPress.

How many years, you ask? 11 years.

When we register, we had to learn how to build a website because we believe in owned media. Hello, P. E.S.O. model! So, we took a course on LinkedIn, which we passed with flying colours. Then, LinkedIn gave us a nice certificate. That was during the Classic Editor era. Now, it’s Block editor time that the WordPress blogging community loves to hate. Seriously, the Block Editor took all of us by surprise.

One of the advice that we tell our clients is to have their website and social accounts ready before giving interviews. What good does it serve to land media opportunity and not have a website to refer your potential clients?

We wrote our first post, where we shared the purpose of our blog.

Woooo! That was a long time ago! We sometimes cringe when we read our older posts.

Our WordPress journey is filled with storytelling, emotions, memories, discoveries, and trials and errors. And updates!

Finding other communicators, content writers and blogging friends to share our writing experiences is truly a blessing.

In general, we’re glad we invested in this beautiful space to house our content.

We thank all of you for being part of our community.


Happy blogging anniversary!