Festivals Galore: The Many Facets of Festival Organization

Long associated with summertime, festivals are now a hot commodity all year around. From food to music, to beer to wine, to comics to hair, to comedy to lighting, to film to gaming, festival goers have a handful to experience. How do you decide which festival to support? Is it a planned or an impulsive decision? Do you rely on influencers, location, notoriety or price?

If you nodded to all these questions, you are probably a festival goer. As content hunters, we try to expose the many angles of content curation.

  • From a customer standpoint:

Festival goers are good brand ambassadors. In real-time, customers will snap a photo or a short video while having a good time and share the moment with family and friends. This gives mobility, physical and mobile access to your event.

  • From an organizer standpoint:

Festivals bring people together while creating opportunities. Festivals touch many aspects of economic development, locally and globally. Festivals create networking opportunities to artisans and merchants. You can start small and stay small or start big and stay big.

  • From a communicator standpoint:

Since we live and breathe communications, we believe it is important to write about the many opportunities festivals offer. Aside from the obvious networking opportunities, festivals bring people together, even on a restricted budget. It’s also a way to discover professional communications services. In-house teams can beautifully collaborate with other communications peers to sustain writing efforts, encourage best practices in communications guidelines. No excuses!

In terms of media relations, it might be a good idea to introduce or remind members of the media how they know you and what is it that you do-online and off. It’s a way to nurture relations and stay abreast in this “What’s happening?” era.

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 Credits: Image by Pexels