Joconde’s Hottest Topics of 2018

What a productive year for Joconde Communications!

The saying: “It’s a marathon not a sprint.”, definitely defines our very own content calendar.

We created six articles reflecting on the digital change affecting the communications, broadcast, entertainment and publishing industries. With 25 million active social users in Canada alone, the battle for screen time is as real as it gets. The increase usage of content on mobile, smartphones, desktop, laptop, tablets, etc., gives access to your content, wherever, whenever.

Content on the go.

After searching, researching, scrolling, swapping, tapping and clicking, here are the articles:

The future of Communications

Tiny Giants: Famous Carnaval Rivalries

World Radio Day

Compas Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Words of 2018

Journée du livre haïtien.

On top of producing 52 original Joconde’s Fun Facts articles, we published from January to April, nine themed articles about Salons, a popular type of events, here and abroad.

The concept of salons offers worldwide opportunities in media relations, content strategies and sponsorships. Although the themes are different, they relate to various aspects of entrepreneurship and collaborative partnerships. To discover or rediscover each of the articles written in French, tap this way:

Salon Marions-Nous

Salon de l’Auto

Salon de la Moto

Salon de l’Habitation

Salon Expo de l’Habitation

Salon Manger Santé et Vivre Vert

Salon de la Maternité et de la Paternité

Salon Visez Droit

Salon de la Franchise.

We thank our fall interns for the unfailing support, wit and creativity.

As it is almost time to say goodbye to 2018, we say Wakanda forever!

See you in 2019!

Source: Media In Canada


Credits: Image by Pexels